A few words about my current work…

The nature of existence is constant flux. Everything is in a process of
transformation-emerging from one thing, and, at the same time,
becoming something else. My paintings embrace and reveal this
natural evolution: they underscore the fact that all things depend on
one another for their very existence. In nature, we don't get to see
the leaf become the tawny fur of the deer, or the rock melt into the
river. But we know-if we are reminded-that these changes are the
essence of existence; change defines time. I paint this process as I
observe it and imagine it.

Embedded within the images are natural forms, which flow from and
into one another, often forming larger, figure-like shapes. These
images are an exploration and expression of my lifelong spiritual and
intellectual interest in the nature of space and time, and our human
existence within it.

welcome to barbvogelgallery.com
-Barb Vogel